BTW I’m a Psychic Medium

Hi, I’m Terr Cacilia. I’m a pragmatic, logical, anal-retentive control freak, Millenial with a Type A personality. Oh yeah, I’m also a Psychic Medium.

As a psychic medium, I have had the wonderful honor of assisting Spirits in connecting with their loved ones- sharing countless tears, laughs, and memories with them along the way. I have also had the opportunity to help many Spirits through their death states and transition into the “light.” (I know, it sounds so “woo-woo” and everything, but it’s true!). Some spirits leave such a strong impression on you that it feels like a sort of friendship has formed. It’s like when you meet someone extraordinary in your day to day life. That special person whose unique energy and spirit (see what I did there?!) have really made an impact on you.

I am not special…

Speaking of “special,” I want to clarify that I am not in any way special because I receive energy and communicate with Spirits. I believe we ALL have these abilities within us! For some of us, the lines of communication open up easier than others. After all, we are all different and have our own special set of skills. Some people are more artistic than others. Some are more athletic or have a musical ear. My ear is just more in tune with the spiritual realm, that’s all. Most often, we are distracted by the mundane, day to day distractions in our lives, and we miss the opportunities to receive the messages and energies that we could be experiencing. Sadly, most won’t even recognize a connection when it happens to them. They’ll chalk it up to something else, like a bad burrito. You know, something simple they can wrap their brains around to explain that “weird feeling” away. I believe that with mediation, a solid base belief system (this is not necessarily religion, just a positive spiritual foundation), and an openness to source energy, we can more clearly receive messages from the swirling energies all around us.

“-there are no guidelines for the parenting of a child who can communicate with the dead!”

Being raised in a traditional Roman Catholic household by my mother and having a paternal grandfather who was a Methodist Minister, I was raised with the usual teachings of Jesus Christ serving as my sounding board. I had (and asked) so many questions about death, the afterlife, and angels trying to make sense out of whether or not something was wrong with me. Why did I see such horrible things or things that others weren’t?
My poor parents, there are no guidelines for the parenting of a child who can communicate with the dead! Lord knows (pun intended) that things might have gone a lot better for me, and I wouldn’t have felt so embarrassed or ashamed if there was! I remember being reprimanded countless times at the breakfast table for telling my younger brother across from me that he had “dead people all around him.” Poor kid, it must have been like sharing breakfast cereal with the kid from The Sixth Sense! My brother still brings this up to me now and then reminds me how bad it frightened him. It’s not a curse, bro. It’s a TALENT! (A talent we all have to some extent or another).
I am quickly able to tune in to the energy of a room filled with people. You know, reading the room. Similarly, I like to compare that ability when I explain what it’s like during my attempts to interact with spirits. For me, it is akin to being in a very crowded restaurant with everyone talking and carrying on, a crescendo of noise and chatter. Now imagine trying to focus on a single voice. It is up to me to pick out and tune in to that voice. That singular Spirit! Of course, in both cases, making a connection with a special someone or a Spirit would be much easier in a nice quiet restaurant rather than TGI Friday’s during happy hour. But I digress…

“I totally understand if you are skeptical-“

My mindset is simple. Even my own father is! If I did not have these experiences, I totally understand if you are skeptical about what I am discussing, and if I didn’t have these conversations, I would be skeptical.
The purpose of this collection of sharing this “introduction” and the essays that will follow is to share with those of you seeking the often unseen insights and lessons that I have learned during my own spiritual journey thus far, as well as paying homage to the spirits who have shaped that journey.
In the end, Death should be welcomed as an old friend. It is one of the few guarantees of Life!

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