BTW I’m a Psychic Medium

Hi, I’m Terr Cacilia. I’m a pragmatic, logical, anal-retentive control freak, Millenial with a Type A personality. Oh yeah, I’m also a Psychic Medium. As a psychic medium, I have had the wonderful honor of assisting Spirits in connecting with their loved ones- sharing countless tears, laughs, and memories with them along the way. I […]

Christmas tree with blurred blue lights

Grief & The Holidays Season- What You Need to Know.

The holiday season can be hard. Big shocker, right? Still, it’s true nonetheless. They are hard. Not just because of the shortened shopping season or all the other normal stressors that the holidays typically bring. They can be hard for reasons NOT so “typical.” Ones that you don’t normally associate with holidays… Grieving. This December […]

Why I Hated Myself- Facing My Shadows

The last few months have been something. That is a sentiment that I think we can all agree on. Something that happened for me personally with all this newfound (forced) free time was that I began taking a long hard look at myself. More time alone, a radical change in my day to day life, […]

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